Health Minister Von Gahning warns live coronavirus update Wales faces a major peak of this winter death

Wales’s health minister has warned that Wales is on its way to see a major peak of coronavirus-related deaths this winter.

Van Gogh was speaking at a Welsh government press conference on the carnivirus on Monday, November 16th.

“The first wave had a huge peak and it will appear we are moving towards another larger peak now this winter,” he said.

“It simply came to our notice then that we were on fire,” he said.

“In the first two weeks of November, Public Health Wells recorded more than two and a half hundred deaths from the coronavirus.

“This is a very sad number. But of course these are not just numbers. These are the people who have left behind lives and loved ones. There will be more than two and a half hundred families across Wales mourning their loss.

“I hope these statistics will help explain why we take the coronavirus so seriously and why we – governments around the world – are taking steps to protect human health.”

He spoke in support of the US Alliance, but said that maintaining some independence was not the answer.

He said officials were looking at the evidence to see what we could do about contacting family members at Christmas but warned that what was possible would depend on the pattern of the virus in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been spontaneously coming into contact with an MP since he tested positive for the coronavirus.

He posted a video on social media on Monday morning: “Hi people, after contacting Kovid-19, our NHS test and trace scheme instructed me to self-isolate for two weeks.

“I am in good health and have no symptoms and will continue our response to the virus and our plans to #buildbackbatter.”

With the opening of two new “megalabs” in early 2021, the UK’s daily coronavirus testing capacity will more than double, the government has announced.

According to the Department of Health and Social Services (DHSC), two laboratories, one in Lemington Spa and the other in Scotland, will be able to process up to 600,000,000 samples simultaneously while operating at full capacity.

The United Kingdom has been announced to be the first country to conduct a final trial of a coronavirus vaccine owned by Johnson & Johnson.

The phase-three trial of the pharmaceutical company Johnson’s vaccine will begin on Monday and will be the first of its two-dose study.

Jab has already gone through one and two test stages, and intermediate analysis of single-dose studies suggests that the Covid-19 vaccine candidate awakens a strong immune system and is generally well tolerated.

For the two-dose study, researchers aim to recruit approximately UK, 000 participants from a total of 30,000 people worldwide – at 17 sites across the country, including one in Cardiff.

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