Health minister again “asks” the French to wear masks in transport

It was predictable. As COVID-19 contamination resumes in the country, the French are once again invited to wear masks in public transport. This obligation was lifted on 16 May, but the security remained “recommended” That’s why “We didn’t come out of the fifth wave” Although the hospital situation is improving, Olivier Veran warned.

If wearing a mask still hasn’t become mandatory again, it is now a , Demand , more than one , Recommendation ,, “I will not go as an obligation, but I (request). You have to look at a crowded station hall or train only to know that you have to protect yourself and others. It’s almost a civic duty.”, thus pleaded the Minister of Health, Brigitte Bourguignon, on Monday at RTL. an incentive that is concerned according to him, , all closed spaces”, Monday June 27, 17,601 new cases were reported, an increase of 52.2% in a week. However, the hospitalization rate increased by 5.9% in seven days, but +13.4% for critical care admissions in the last seven days. Something that gives her reassurance for Brigitte Bourguignon to take things seriously: “We have to be very careful with this recovery”,

Resumption of epidemic in Europe

If France still wants to encourage rather than oblige, other countries are showing greater persistence in the face of a resumption of the pandemic. Italy, which experienced an increase of 63.4% in 7 days on Wednesday 22 June, for example in mid-June decided to extend the obligation to wear FFP2 masks in public transport (except on planes) until 30 September. For the United Kingdom, daily infections are again at their highest level since the start of the pandemic.

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Call for Vaccination

As a result, the government calls on the most vulnerable to once again turn to vaccination. In fact, the current increase in contamination numbers is partly explained by the population’s “immune decline,” which over time sees the effects of infection or protection associated with a single dose of the vaccine. So the government last week invited the oldest to receive a second booster vaccine. ” as soon as possible “at the bottom of “Medium Epidemic Recovery”, A quarter of eligible people received their second booster shot against COVID, a rate “Clearly Insufficient”, underlined the government. In France to date, less than 2.2 million of the more than 8.7 million eligible people have had second booster injections – mainly those over 60 – as well as immunocompromised. “I’m appealing to those who haven’t used it to do it too quickly”, Brigitte Bourguignon also declared on Monday, specifying that we “maybe come” Fourth dose of vaccine for all.

“Surveillance and Health Protection System”

Another measure the executive is considering: the reinstatement of health passes on arrival in France, Corsica and abroad. A draft bill is in preparation to be retained as follows “A surveillance and health protection system” until March 2023. But according to the document published by the Atlantico site, the tool should not extend the possibility of reactivating a state of health emergency beyond July 31, nor restrict access to certain places or gatherings to access health or vaccination passes. . French borders.