Health crisis has changed the way people meet


  • Without bars, restaurants, music or other classic ways to meet people, singles turned to new technology.
  • For more than 40% of them, dating apps turned out to be the best solution for dating.

With the health crisis, a third of singles adopted “Virtual date” As the first stage of the meeting. This is the result of a new survey * from the dating app WhatsApp, in which over 2,000 singles were asked about how they had won the previous year, their new dating habits and their desires as they approached. ‘


48% of single people say they have adopted new approaches this year. The virtual dating brings shame, the geographical barrier is no longer a break, and the meeting becomes more thoughtful. “The gradual incarceration has deeply disturbed the system of romantic encounters. These changes have moved towards less relationship” consumption “, less zapping. Estimates have prevented excessive consumption, and romantic consumption is one of them.” Fabienne Kramer underscores the psychoanalyst and author of the book “21 Keys to Love”.

“The very interesting thing about dating apps in lockdown is that they also provide someone who thinks about us, who makes us feel lonely. This app helps you feel that way. Less alone is already a lot, even if there is a physical encounter. Take place “, Health professional continues.

The combination of virtual and real has established a new pattern. Digital would therefore clearly be favored by more than one in two single people (54%) for the first dates – an opportunity to take the time to find the second before actually meeting them.

Virtual meeting has become a first step

For more than one in three single people (35%), virtual dating has thus become a first step that opens the way to meet in real life. “The realization that the other may be ‘dangerous’ and potentially contaminated calms the urgency of physical contact. We won’t touch each other again without thinking about it, and it will change a lot of things. We explored the convenient aspect of the virtual in relationships with others in general, and the future will be mixed, even at the level of romantic relationships, Fabien confirms Kramer.

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The very format of virtual meetings is also bound to evolve. About one in three single people want to get more opportunities on applications to meet new people, for example new features, games or questions to break the ice and to get to know each other from afar.

Fear of loneliness

Three periods of imprisonment were equally experienced. One in five single people still states that the desire to meet people was felt more during this last imprisonment than during the two previous periods. “The year has also increased the fear of loneliness” Pollutants say – Only one in six singles say they have quit dating altogether. Finally, one in ten people view things positively for the progress of vaccination campaigns.

* Statistics obtained from a survey conducted between 16 and 20 April 2021 by a dating application once among 2,394 singles in Germany, England, Italy and France.

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