Headphones: Sonos maker takes control of RHA Audio

Sonos has taken a majority stake in RHA Audio’s capital, which could eventually foreshadow the launch of headphones or headphones.. In a document published on October 26, Origin North (the new name for RHA Audio) reported transferring control of at least 75% of its capital to Sonos.

Image : RHA Audio

Based in Glasgow, Scotland, RHA Audio has been making a few headphones for the past 10 years, but they don’t have any headphones in their catalog.

Nothing guarantees that this is a step towards the launch of such products at Sonos, but there are arguments in this direction. In late 2018, the Californian manufacturer clearly expressed its interest in mobile solutions. Half of the music listening takes place outside the home, Sonos noticed, and there was nothing to meet that need.

Since then, two Wi-Fi/Bluetooth speakers – Moov and Rom – have been marketed and all that is missing are earphones and headphones to round out the mobile offering. At the beginning of 2019, bloomberg Turns out the brand was working on circum-aural headphones.

New patent refines Sonos headphones of the future, March 9 exclusive event

New patent refines Sonos headphones of the future, March 9 exclusive event

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