Headaches more common in women than men

Restlessness, a feeling of having a disorder around the scalp … More than half of the world’s population (52%) has already suffered from a headache during the year. In women this figure is even higher.

Norwegian researchers published a new study this April 12 concerning these pains, also known as “headaches.” They were interested in their prevalence, i.e. the number of cases declared in a given period (here, a year). To this, he added the results of 357 publications published since 1961. Their conclusion, which can be read in The Journal of Headache and Pain, is clear: Headaches are much more common in women.

Thus, 58% of women have already suffered from headaches during the year, compared to 44% of men. Tension headaches (mild to moderate headaches) are the most common form. As far as migraine is concerned, recognizable by a sharp pain on one side of the head and a throbbing sensation in the scalp, 17% of women have already experienced it. This is 8 points more than the men.

Finally, women were (6%) more likely (6%) to suffer from headaches every other day for a month during the year. For now, we don’t know why they are more affected than men. Some scientists suggest a hormonal track.

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Another major finding of the study: 15.8% of the world’s population suffers from headaches every day. It represents 1 person out of 7. Fortunately, severe forms, such as headaches every other day for a month, are very rare. During the year only 4.6% of the population has already suffered from it.

* The overall value given by the study is not always the average of the values ​​for men and women. The authors justify this by various combined studies, which are sometimes limited to one gender, or conversely give only overall values.

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