“He will not play again in the UK”

Malor Eriksen

Malor Eriksen

Despite having miraculously saved Christian Eriksson’s competitive career, it may now be permanently compromised. It was said by the English cardiologist Sanjay Sharma, who commented on the Danish player’s illness during the match against Finland, saying he would hardly play another game in professional football after what happened to him.

Malor Eriksson, English cardiologist, makes it unlikely for Sharma to return to the sport

Sharma, who was Ericsson’s personal cardiologist during the Tottenham Hotspur insurgency, wonders: “Obviously something has gone terribly wrong. But they managed to get it back, the question is, what happened? And why did it happen? This man had normal tests by 2019, so how can this cardiac arrest be explained?”.

Expressing relief for his general health condition: “I am overjoyed. The fact that she is still and awake makes her prospects very good”, cardiologists do not give false hope to those still under the illusion of being able to see them back in the shirts of Inter or the Danish national team: I don’t know if he will ever be able to play football again. In no uncertain terms, he’s actually dead, for a few minutes, but he died and will the doctor let him die again? The answer is no. […] The good news is that he will live, the bad news is that he was nearing the end of his career, so he would play another football match at a professional level, I can’t say. He will not play in the UK. we will be very strict about it.

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