He should have replaced Boris Johnson… Rishi Sunak, the gravedigger of British conservatives

Named across the channel under the elegant title of “Chancellor of the Exchequer”, British Finance Minister Rishi Sunak had a bad day on 17 May. During a debate on the rising cost of living, MP and former Labor Party leader Ed Miliband took aim. “The Chancellor and the cryptocurrency came out of nowhere. Their value skyrocketed, and they looked like the future, but it all turned out to be a giant Ponzi scheme.Did he announce? the chancellor has just been exposed, he Overwhelmed by the challenges this country is facing…”

The criticisms pouring in on the Finance Minister in Parliament are shared by most of the British. At the same time, Prime Minister Boris Johnson will have to deal with a complicated sequence between his personal concerns such as the “party gate” – parties held at the Downing Street residence while the country is in complete confinement – ​​and bitter electoral defeats such as the recent Legislative election. Furthermore, its economic strategy proved powerless in the face of galloping inflation that reached 9% in April. As if that was not enough, the sage Sunak was awkward in admitting that he could not increase social assistance for the poorest of the poor. Because the IT department of his ministry does not allow him to revise more than once in a year…”

beautiful but naive

The fall could be dire for a year in the British media and for the man presented by many Tory MPs as the future of the Conservative Party. It must be said that Rishi Sunak knows how to sell himself. A dazzling smile, slicked back hair and a lock that is always well taken care of, all accompanied by a trendy style outfit that alternates between an impeccable suit and a hooded sweater. Since the revelations this fall and the Party Gate, which has largely damaged Boris Johnson’s reputation, he has even been tipped as the one to overthrow him. His characteristics have also been put forward as evidence of an apparent discrepancy with that of a devious, scruffy and deliberately disorganized prime minister.

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These predictions already sounded optimistic then. They began to forget that Rishi Sunak was an inexperienced politician who never faced difficulties or showed even the slightest merit in an election campaign. Starting in 2001 at the American bank Goldman Sachs, he continued his career in finance with two investment funds, before joining a policy exchange think tank considered one of the breeding grounds of the Conservative Party.

After this he became an MP in 2015. While Tory is desperate to promote ethnic minority lawmakers to modernize her image, her Indian origins and her decision to campaign for Brexit in the 2016 referendum propelled her career. Integrated into the government by Theresa May in January 2018, she was appointed number two in the Treasury by Boris Johnson in July 2019. The resignation in February 2020 of Chancellor of the Exchequer Sajid Javid replaced him. After this, he comes to the second number of the government. A meteoric rise for the 39-year-old elected member of parliament for less than five years.

So few Britons know the face of the new finance minister, the pandemic is responsible for bringing it up. Rishi Sunak pays hundreds of billions to companies, employees and self-employed entrepreneurs in the country and launches an assistance program for restaurants during the summer of 2020. Then he becomes the most popular politician of the country. In July 2020, 52% of Britons have a positive image of their work and only 12% have a negative perception. Hardly a surprise when signing a large check.

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real face

But after the withdrawal of Covid, Rishi Sunak revealed his true political personality. In November 2021, he refused to give Boris Johnson the full budget for the development of HS2, the high-speed line to join Leeds and Manchester from London. In early February 2022, he rejected the integration of new spending as part of “leveling up”, Boris Johnson’s key domestic policy measure aimed at raising living standards in the United Kingdom’s forgotten regions. Including several historic Labor constituencies that became Conservatives in 2019.

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small ! If Party Gate had already tarnished the image of the conservative party, Rishi Sunak is in the process of doing it all alone. , Boris Johnson promised to become a separate Tory, and won the 2019 election on the promise that Brexit would fix the country’s problems. Tim Bell, professor of political science at Queen Mary University of London and author of books on the Conservative Party, recalls. , But he encounters a sage Sunak who has not evolved with the needs of his time. As a good Thatcherist enthusiast, he regards an economy based on low taxes and low spending as an eternal truth. , Boris Johnson had already started work, but with Rishi Sunak, the Tories could offer Labor a victory in the next general election, which is set for 2024.

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