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A meteorite causes an explosion equal to 200 tons of TNT.

An impressive meteorite ball shape approximately crashed on March 7 in Vermont, northeastern United States. The object, perhaps an asteroid fragment, luckily ended up being trapped in flight under pressure generated by its entry into the atmosphere, reports the NASA Meteor Watch on its Facebook site. The explosion was so powerful that it caused a “mini-earthquake”, which seismic sensors were able to measure. NASA was able to determine that the force of the explosion corresponds to 200 tons of TNT, which is ten times greater than that caused by the AZF crash in Toulouse in 2001. Meteor in the first #btv #vermont, I dug through some webcam footage and found it on the WCAX / BTV Airport webcam — see upper left. pic.twitter.com/oyVLSoVahP- Jeremy LaClair (@Jeremy LaClair) March 8, 2021 As the meteorite entered the atmosphere at a speed of 19 km / h (55 times the speed of sound), “pressure on its forehead, While a partial vacuum was created. Behind this, is the statement of NASA. At a height of about 50 km, the pressure difference between the front and the rear exceeded the structural resistance of the rock which then violently disintegrated. According to their calculations, the meteorite was originally 15 cm in diameter and weighed 4.5 kilograms, and several witnesses reported that the meteorite exploded at about 5:40 a.m. One of them said, “I saw a heavy Heard the boom, which was shaking for about 15 to 20 seconds. “Some people believed in a plane crash or the collapse of a building.

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