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“The Chronicles of Narnia”: this is what the stars do today

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07/30/2021 at 7:30 pm.

The film series “The Chronicles of Narnia” received great success in the early 2000s. Worldwide, films based on the fantasy novels of the same name by Clive Staples Lewis grossed over US$1.5 billion. But what happened to the very young actors of the time?

“The Chronicles of Narnia” chronicles the adventures of the Pevensie siblings Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy with their cousin Eustachius Nilch. In the fantasy magical world of Narnia, which you can enter in various ways – For example through the wardrobe – From the UK, they have to show courage, strength and solidarity. The first part in particular ensured that many kids and teens took a more close look at the back wall of their closets. But what are the actors of popular fantasy movies doing today?

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