HBO Max is not going to the Netherlands in October

We’ve always expected this, but unfortunately: HBO Max’s expansion into Europe doesn’t apply to the Netherlands. We are surprised, but Andorra also comes first. Also Spain, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden. Is the Netherlands over as a test country?

no other test country

The Netherlands and Poland often test countries for new possibilities. For example, the new Netflix games option is currently being tested in Poland and we were the first country in the world with Disney+ in the Netherlands. Looks like our streaming service hasn’t been unlucky, as we’ll have to wait a bit longer for HBO Max.

We expect to be among the first batch of European countries to see HBO Max, but we’re still dealing with regular HBO, which is only available through Ziggo. Actually, the Netherlands is not part of the second batch. These include: Poland, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Portugal, Montenegro, Romania, Bosnia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Serbia, Hungary, Moldova and North Macedonia.

no second batch

The worst news is not that our country and Belgium are not even part of it: a second episode is not expected until 2022. Besides the fact that we are not in the series, it is also worth mentioning that relatively leading countries such as Germany and the United Kingdom are missing. HBO Max, on the other hand, is clearly paying more attention to the regions. And it takes time: There are HBO Max vacancies for HBO Max in Amsterdam.

You can watch all kinds of Warner Bros. content on HBO Max. Think DC, HBO, HBO Max Originals and Cartoon Network. The idea of ​​Warner Bros. Not valid in full Europe for one month immediately after release on HBO Max.

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Specific Area

It’s a shame to realize that HBO doesn’t see us as a leader, or at least a good indicator for the rest of Europe. On the other hand, it doesn’t have to be: The main reason for this is probably because HBO has clearly chosen the regions to come. Too bad, because we really want HBO Max to show up, especially if it’s different from Zigo.

Ziggo has hinted that HBO Max will appear in Our Land in 2022, but if we’re not in the first episode yet, that won’t happen at the start of the year at the moment. So only Netflix, Disney+ and Video countries.

hbo max-show

HBO Max Originals include The Fungi, Karma, American Pickles, Selena + Chef, Expecting Amy, I Hate Susie and The Flight Attendant. What makes HBO Max better than HBO as we know it now are movies in the Netherlands. The arsenal of publications that come with the new streaming service is full of classics like 8 Mike, Analyze This and City of God.

We do not yet know the cost of the service in Euros. In dollars, it’s $14.99 for the premium version with no ads. With ads you pay $9.99.

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