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The Curieux festival, of which it is the first edition, takes place until 23 April in the Preo Seine (Oberhausbergen), in the Iliad (Illkirch-Graffenstaden) at Point d’O (Ostwald) and in Weisseau (Strasbourg). It’s a crazy idea that came out of the labs of the companies Esprit Jouer and Va Sévoir. Without taking itself too seriously, the event seeks to share the love of poetry, humor and science through meetings, shows, and offers a curious and entertaining week for all audiences. Before each show, at 6 p.m., Curious Meetings offers conferences and invites artists and scientists.

Starting this Tuesday evening, at 8 p.m., the public has an appointment in Oberhausbergen for “It’s not me, it’s my brain (available) from the company Esprit Jauur at 8 p.m. (from the age of 8). The human brain is amazing.” He always needs to tell stories. And if our brain takes its time to make us believe what suits us? What if we tried to understand what happens in the heart of neurons? How Can You Shut Down? 6 p.m., with “The Myth of the Messenger” Theme: Meeting Around Mythology and Molecular Biology. Exploring the Mysteries of RNA in All Dimensions, Around the Myth of Hermes. Maggie Ehlinger, Actress and with director and researcher Claude Sauter in Molecular Biology.

Wednesday, April 20, “Get down everybody! » by the company TLMD (from the age of 12). It is a scientific comedy, a coffee-theatre piece that depicts the basics of Darwin’s theory of evolution and its opposition. The popularization of science was served by a humorous and offbeat live show.

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This unusual format, thanks to a playful and educational approach, is aimed at a wide audience. In addition to this show, a Science Popularization Workshop is offered on Saturday 23rd April at 10am. From the age of 8. Marie-Charlotte Morin will (again) explore the basics of Darwin’s theory of evolution in a simple way.

Free admission upon registration: [email protected] or 03 88 56 79 65

Full schedule on website: www.le-preo.fr. Tel: 03 88 56 90 39. Consult schedules and prices at www.lecurieuxfestival.com

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