Have you always dreamed of being invisible? A start-up unveils an invisibility shield (video)

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Get a better look at Harry Potter! Invisibility Shield Co, a British start-up, will fulfill the dream of many: to become invisible like the famous magician. In fact, the company has been working for months on developing a shield to make everything completely invisible you want to be completely invisible.

how it works ?

Although it seems completely unrealistic, there is nothing magical about this shield. It is based on the drama of light and optics. ,Each shield uses a precision-engineered lens array that directs reflected light from the subject away from the viewer, sending it laterally to the face of the shield to the left and right.”Tell us about two founders of a start-up Page kick of the project.

If the object looks like a semi-transparent pane that can be placed in any environment, it comes in two models, which are sold for 299 and 49 pounds sterling (355 and 58 euros), respectively. The first is 95 cm high and 65 cm wide when the smaller version is only 31 cm by 21 cm. The first delivery is scheduled for the end of 2022. Is a good Christmas present in anticipation?

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