Have wages increased by 8.8% in the UK due to the ‘immigration stop’?

“Immigration to Great Britain, specifically the end of illegal immigration, was the result of an 8.8% increase in wages. 2022 presidential candidate Marine Le Pen on Thursday on RTL to support her proposals against immigration Give the example of the United Kingdom. Comments that he himself shared on Twitter after his intervention.

His interlocutor, the journalist François Lenglet, specializing in economics, immediately relativized the words of the national rally candidate: “Collaboration is not the result. Wages are also rising. […] in Germany. And inflation is very high in the UK. “

In the comments, Marine Le Pen received the support of many far-right supporters. But to his detractors it is a lie. “Wages are rising in all other European countries too!!! So it has nothing to do with it, it is cyclical…” Some Internet users are joking more: “It is above all that any immigrants work Didn’t want to at the same cost.”

Are the figures provided by Marine Le Pen accurate? 20 minutes came to the point.

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According to a recent report by the Wales-based Office of National Statistics (ONS), salaries for all Britons have actually increased by 8.8% in 2021. However, researcher Sarah Schneider-Strozinski, an expert in economic issues related to international migration, explained 20 minutes that Marine Le Pen’s words are “wrong”.

First, the notion of “stop immigration” in Grans-Bretagne is contrary to the facts. “If you look at the latest figures, in June 2021, the UK issued 172,000 work visas – up 19% from June 2020 – as well as 216,000 visas and permits granted for family reasons. We are far from stopping immigration in Great Britain. This is despite the departure of nearly 200,000 European citizens from the United Kingdom due to Brexit.

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As far as illegal immigration is concerned – for which there are no exact figures – the trend is also increasing, if we are to believe the recently communicated data. “The Interior Ministry said on Sunday” [26 septembre 2021] That 669 people had crossed the Channel with 22 boats,” the BBC reported last month. “Till now at least 17,063 people have boarded small boats in 2021, up from 8,460 last year. “

No correlation between immigration and pay levels

Regarding the “wage” aspect of Marine Le Pen’s statement, Sarah Schneider-Strozinski asserted that “there is no consensus in migration economics on the fact that immigration will have a negative effect on a decline in wages. The increase in wages is bound to be infinite.” The numbers can also be explained by other economic shocks”.

Several other reasons could explain the increase in wages seen across the channel, namely the lifting of health restrictions, as the ONS explains: “The net effect of recent job losses [liées au Covid-19] Average salary estimate is to be increased. In addition, there has been a manpower shortage in the UK for several months, and many positions are vacant. Guardian In August, it was noted that some companies are ready to offer large sums of money to lure candidates. A situation that also contributes to an increase in wages.

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