Hats off, girls! And excel science back

Epidemic or not, hot competition, girls! And its Excel Science component dates back to their 25th and 21st related editions in 2021. They always have the same purpose: to promote women who traditionally choose the male profession.

The Ministry of Education and Quebec’s Ministry of Higher Education have just started the competition. Students wishing to try their luck must apply on the Qu├ębec.ca site before 5 March 2021.

In addition to promoting diversification of career options for girls, Chapeau, Les Fils! As long as she has her degree in hand, she wants to encourage them to celebrate. Targeted candidates should traditionally study in a vocational or technical training program leading to male occupation, that is to say, where the proportion of females is less than 33.33%.

For its part, the Excel Science component targets students enrolled in the university in certain science or technology disciplines.

Thanks to several partners, together with the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Higher Education, the winners will hold approximately $ 160,000 in scholarships. The award ceremony will take place in June. They will vary from $ 2,000 to $ 5,000.

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