Hatim Ammore, Morocco and Arab superstar, new Oppo brand ambassador in Morocco

Known over the years for his performances and his various Moroccan pop songs reaching millions on social networks and music platforms, Hatim Ammore says he was chosen to represent a brand creatively and artistically as OPPO has gone.

The vision of the Oppo brand is to bring innovative technology to humanity and encourage a liberal outlook in the world. This means that the brand wants to give meaning to technology and make the smartphone a connected device, not only for sharing but also for artistic creation.

It is primarily this vision that binds OPPO to singer Hatim Ammore who also expresses the values โ€‹โ€‹of sharing, love and emotion through his songs. The singer, also known for his various musical styles, is about to launch a new album, which will be sung in different languages, thus stirring up the mix and variety that are essential values โ€‹โ€‹for the brand.

Hatim Ammore has proven himself in the artistic scene and has become one of the best singers in Morocco and the Arab world. The singer thus demonstrates his perseverance and passion for the work that still binds him to Oppo which, in turn, was initially a simple brand of telephones and MP3 players, with a whole ecosystem of devices, including smartphones in the world. Was before becoming a leader.

The collaboration between OPPO and Hatim Ammar is reflected in a number of actions, including the presentation of the brand new OPPO Reno5. The singer has been involved in the creation of artistic content for the brand on various occasions. The superstars of Oppo and Morocco have also collaborated around a song called “Elo les Amis” that shares feelings and moments with family and friends to capture life.

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The relationship between the new local ambassador Oppo and Hatim Ammore does not stop and will be in front of you through many other tasks and surprises in the coming months.

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