Hassan II Academy of Science and Technology pays tribute to Taseb Chaklik

In view of his significant contribution in establishing and developing the structures and activities of the Academy, Professor Tazeb Chakili was to be felicitated on a day of tribute paid by the members of this Academy and some of his relatives, associates, associates and friends. We read in a press release.

The same source indicated that Professor Chikili, when he was Minister of National Education, Higher Education and Scientific Research, experienced the genesis of the creation of the Hassan II Academy of Sciences and Techniques.

The topics discussed by several speakers on the occasion correspond to the various stages of the illustrious and distinguished career of this “multi-dimensional” personality. These include the birth and development of psychiatry and the development of a new law for psychiatric care, development of neurological science, development in biology, reform of medical studies, 3,300 initiative doctors by 2023, implementation of the LMD system, as well as at the preschool level. Achievements and political action.

Speaking on the occasion, P Chakili paid tribute to the Academy for this soulful tribute, noting that his interest in education was the result of a genuine creation, which began at an early age and which ceased to grow and achieve under the circumstances. did not do. , according to meetings and events.

“Nothing early in my career suggested that one day I was going to become who I am, nor the chance to participate in the development of our education, training and research system, nor a tribute organized by To be the subject of the ceremony. A science and technology academy, as my social origins are modest and my parents are of the caste of craftsmen and small traders”, he declared.

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After reviewing the main phases of his prosperous professional career, PR Chiquili conjectured that “Never could a single person, whatever his ability, have contributed to so many achievements without the support and encouragement of all those involved.” “

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