Harry Winks, Dale Alley: Jose Mourinho defends Tottenham Hotspur to an early victory over Antwerp Football News

Jose Mourinho saved Harry Winks and Dale Alley despite the pair’s first exit at the bottom of the tunnel during Sports’ 2-0 win over Antwerp.

Instead of the Spurs’ 55th-minute opener moment against Antwerp, Winks disappeared into the home dressing room, with an alternate player named Oli leaving the tunnel briefly before returning to the end of the game a few minutes later.

The pair have started just four of their 11 Spurs leagues this season, but Mourinho says both are blessed to leave the stand soon on a cold night in north London.

Deli Alley was an unused option, more than two months after his last appearance in the Premier League.

“I said [Winks] Must go, “he said.” When the weather is cold I told the players to leave the pitch, I like the players to go to the dressing room and take a bath and stay warm and safe.

“I told them all to go, some of them liked to stay, even got cold, and still took part in the game from the bench. Winks decided, I’m satisfied with that because I told him to do it.”

He added about Oli: “Let’s not get away from reality, a player on the bench who can understand with five changes that he is not one, of course he is not a happy player and I will not expect him.

“But players who are on the bench or leave the pitch with me in cold weather can go to the dressing room and I like it if that happens.”

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Son, including Kane ‘no problem’

Harry Kane Giovi scored the second goal for Lo Celso in a comfortable touchdown win over Interwerp.

Despite the club’s packed domestic and European schedule and their next game at Crystal Palace, the last half hour of Harry Kane and Hyung-Min San Spurs wins were a spectacular inclusion. Sky Sports Premier League This Sunday, 72 hours after the Antwerp victory came to a close.

Mourinho denied the significance of their acquaintance from the bench, saying: “The idea was to win the match. Despite always being in control, and they didn’t make any chance for me to remember, the game was still open.

“Playing 30 minutes doesn’t make you tired, playing 30 minutes is 90 minutes or less of a training session, so it’s not a problem at all.

“I decided to bring in new players after the new goal and give the last kick to the story of the game and when Geo was over. [Lo Celso] Scored the second goal. “

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