Harry Kane: Concerns over Tottenham striker’s injury ahead of Arsenal clash after missing Wednesday’s training | Football News

Harry Kane is the cause of Tottenham’s injury ahead of Sunday’s North London derby against Arsenal following Wednesday’s training absence.

The Spurs captain, including Sergio Regilon, Carlos Vinicius and Eric Lamela, did not train before the Europa League clash at Linz ASK on Thursday.

When Mourinho was asked about his absence, the square injured his pre-match press conference, with Lamela missing the last five matches due to a calf injury.

“I do not trust him [Lamela] There’s a chance for the weekend, “Mourinho said.” Harry, Vinicius and Sergio have a chance to stay [fit] For weekly closure. “

Mourinho then declined to reveal the nature of Kane’s injury, but the striker could face Arsenal as he has a “good chance” to add.

He added: “I’m not going to tell you the nature of his injury. I think there’s a good chance [for Sunday], I don’t want to lie, I don’t want to keep any secrets about ‘oh he’s going to play’ secret. I think he’s going to play, that’s my feeling. “

Sunday, December 6 at 4:15 p.m.

Kicked at four-thirty in the afternoon

Alderweight in Arsenal match fight

Meanwhile, Tudy has returned to training without missing recent matches against Ludogorets and Chelsea due to a muscle injury at Alderweard.

Mourinho picked center-backs Eric Dyer and Joe Rodon for Sunday’s draw with Chelsea, and the Spurs boss on Thursday acknowledged Arsenal and Davison Sanchez as options to fight Alderweight for the playoffs.

“She is OK [Alderweireld] There is a chance. Not for tomorrow, not even an option, he is doing very well in this process of recovery and he has a chance plays [Sunday]Mourinho said.

Toby Alderweard
Toby Alderweard missed the Chelsea game due to injury but could return against Arsenal

“But Joe played against Chelsea and it wasn’t the first easy match to play. Davison will play tomorrow too so we have options. We won’t cry if Toby can’t play, and it will be an opportunity for one more.”

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‘Tony’ in PL race … What about Europa?

Spurs are currently top of the Premier League but Mourinho believes the club is still a “pony” in the title race.

Towards the Europa League, where the Spurs needed a point to reach the knockout stage on Thursday night, Mourinho said they were “one of the most important horses”.

However, he added that the momentum would change after the third-placed clubs in the Champions League group were relegated to the European secondary tournament, and Mourinho’s former club Real Madrid are currently third with one match left.

“I think we are in this race in the Europa League, we are one of the most important horses in this race, we have to admit that,” Mourinho said.

“An English team in the Europa League is certainly an important club but then a few important clubs have been competing since then, it’s something I never agreed to, but it is now.

“Eight clubs that weren’t successful in the Champions League, instead of going home, they come to the Europa League and then it changes the pace of the Europa League.”

‘Dale doesn’t have a problem; Bell issue is only physical ‘

Mourinho insists he has no problem with Daly Oli, who has played more minutes in the Europa League this season than in the Premier League, while the only issue with Spurs boss Gareth Bale is the fitness to play short matches in a short time.

“I don’t decide on A, B or C sales, D, E or F loans,” Mourinho said. “I am responsible for the players in my squad and I am working with them. Those who are not playing enough time in their minds, in their ambition, they just have to do one thing, which is better than using their playing time to show me that they spend more minutes. With no privacy.

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“I don’t have a problem with Dell, I don’t have a problem with any of the players. It’s not about that, I really don’t have a personal problem with any of the players. Of course the players are happier when they play, they’re not happy when they don’t.

Deli Oli and Eric Dyer


Tottenham’s Eric Dyer believes that team-mate Daly Alley will come out on top for a stronger season after fighting for time so far this season.

“For this, I’m not blaming the players, it’s the way it is, but there is another way to improve their condition, which is to work hard every day and use every minute they have on the pitch to try to improve their condition.”

Bale, who has only started one Premier League game but has won four Spurs Europa League matches to date, added Mourinho: The situation was not the best, and there was fear.

“I think there’s something more to it, but he’s playing regularly and he’s likely to evolve physically. Of course he doesn’t need any technical or tactical evolution, he just needs physical evolution to get the intensity of the matches It’s back to confidence

How did Jose transform Nodambel and Deere – after Oli?

Jose Mourinho was once given a cold shoulder at Tangu Nudambel, while Eric Dyer was a regular on Tottenham’s bench last year. Through some tough love and expert management, both are now key players in the Spurs. How did Mourinho do it?

In the latest Pitch to Post review podcast, Jasper Taylor joins Ben Ransom and Gerard Brand to analyze the pair’s improvement over form this season, and why Dale Alley could be next to Mourinho’s to-do list.

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MNF Extra: How Jose’s strategies have evolved

Stay tuned for Tottenham’s host Arsenal North London derby on Sunday Sky Sports, And after taking four points from their last two Premier League fixtures, Gary Neville believes Jose Mourinho has succeeded in inventing an old strategy …

Jose Mourinho's Tottenham could rise to the top of the Premier League this weekend if the result goes to them


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Cain is skeptical of Spain’s title credentials

Asked if Mourinho could lead Spurs to their first Premier League title since 1961, Roy Cain said: Sky Sports: “He’s done it before His CV is great.

“But I don’t think the players he’s in touch with are good enough to win the title. Mourinho and Harry Kane have the X-factor, I don’t think that’s enough. They were hanging out at Stamford. Bridge.

“I think they’re having a very good season, but trying to win the league title is a big difference. A good season is a big difference. I don’t think Manchester City are stronger than the Spurs.”

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