“Harry and Carlo will be interrogated.” And now also check the photo

trouble seeing prince charles And for Prince Harry. Scotland Yard would like to interrogate him as part of an investigation into the buying and selling of Honor, a scandal that took place after blatant articles in the Mail on Sunday and the Sunday Times. The police would like to better understand the role of the heir to the throne and his son in the case, about 24 hours after the announcement of the start of the investigation. Was it possible that the two were completely unaware of the alleged agreement that Michael Fawcett, the director of Carlo’s foundation, would have entered into with the Saudi billionaire?

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The story is now known: the former servant of the Prince of Wales, Michael Fawcett Claimed and received £1.5 million from Saudi billionaire Mahfouz Marei Mubarak bin Mahfouz in exchange for British citizenship and the title of Commander of the Most Eminent Order (CBE) of the British Empire. The money went to the treasury of Dumfries House and the Castle of May, residences associated with Charles’ foundation. Furthermore, the Saudi businessman was actually honored with the honor in 2016 during a ceremony at Buckingham Palace. It was Prince Charles who bestowed this honor on him. Newspaper investigations also reveal the name of Prince Harry, who may have met Bin Mahfouz at a pub in Chelsea in 2013.

The restaurant will be owned by Mark Dyer, a former royal squire who, according to the reconstruction, will be considered the Duke of Sussex. “second father”, On that occasion, the billionaire reportedly donated £500,000 to Harry to his Sentebale Foundation and the two were even photographed shaking hands together. Principe HarryHowever, he specified that he had no affiliation with the entrepreneur. A spokesperson said: “The Duke had a meeting 8 years ago and has not presented [l’imprenditore] To any member of his family…[Harry] expressed doubts [su bin Mahfouz]”and” along with his advisors he broke ties with Mr Mahfouz … in 2015, did not accept any more donations to Sentebel”.

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just coincidence?

Of course, all these circumstances prove nothing at the moment. It could be a series of coincidences. ok so as not to leave gray areas there met the police special investigation team has decided to conduct an inquiry and has come to know in this regard: “Police have launched an investigation … following an investigation of a letter dated September 2021. Reference is made to offers of help for a journalistic investigation that would have been made in exchange for granting citizenship and respect to a Saudi citizen” .

Regarding the possible interrogation of Charles and Harry, former Met Sergeant Steve Morris commented: “Both Prince Charles and Prince Harry should be interrogated without a doubt. It’s all part of the investigation… They should at least speak to both of them as witnesses. The authorities should go to their addresses, or Both should be asked to report at the police station…”. Clarence House Reiterated Prince Charles’s complete inconsistency with the facts: “The Prince of Wales has no knowledge of the alleged purchase and sale of honor and British citizenship in return for his donation.”

Obviously the heir to the throne will not deal directly with the day-to-day affairs of the foundation. However, it is difficult for former Liberal Democrat minister Norman Baker for Charles to be completely unaware of what his charity was getting into. One thing is certain: the royal family is facing yet another storm with just the combination of Platinum Jubilee Queen ElizabethFor which there is no moment of peace.

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