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The Hargas incident in Algeria must challenge conscience. Indeed, we have been witnessing horrific scenes recently where many people lose their lives.

It is with a heavy heart that we see, in a video on social networks, bodies lying and floating in deep sea water. They are Algerian irregular migrants killed or missing after their boats sank off the Spanish coast.

Recall that on September 26, about 50 Algerian haragas were killed, others are still missing, near the Spanish shores, in a single weekend. This is the heaviest toll the Spanish authorities have ever recorded.

At least 4 boats carrying Algerian illegal migrants were damaged off the coast of Spain. Two boats arrived from the beaches of the villas of Oran, the other from the shores of the villas of Baumérdes and the last set sail from the villas of Algiers.

From 1 to 23 September more than 2,200 Algerians landed on the Spanish coast aboard 150 boats. According to the Algerian media, these figures pertain only to illegal immigrants rescued or intercepted by the maritime services of the Civil Guard.

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