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Treviso – There Was once … it english humor. What “smorza and drownshandjob weight Embarrassing moments and tragic situations depend on laughter. one way to play down. laugh at yourself and your loved ones Weaknesses a strong point, as well make a surprise on bad luck and life failures” (Cit. “International English Center”).

it was because since last sunday there is no more. dead and buried at wembley. Inside and outside the stadium. Before, during and after the game. heartbreak One evening (but the “pain” was already morning) a centuries old traditionsarcasm, coldness and quietness. pass thehospitality towards the opposing fans but close in handsBefore and after the final, it was an experience beyond belief.

Whistling the hymn of Mameli it was even clearer to expect from him British which, you know, lacks imagination in many virtues and creativity. To wait originality In a “critical moment” it would have doing drama a little too much. The pair did it, then, the subjects of their glory song music With whom they were together, step by step, in extra time and punishment beyond the nineteenth, blue game.

a prior notificationSeriously, someone had this at 2′: “Laughs best who laughs last”. And if in the beautiful country in the first half we suffer to the end, then in the last beach of punishment Prediction if be true. supporters britannica before this disbelief – (with the prince and prince model sphinx and a boris johnson as a silent film), with a devil by the hair he then became a gloomy but sharp procession to leak from Tample He was sure to come (for the first time) crowned Sunday evening.

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not even one time Glimpse not so much award ceremony of winners (never!) but not even on the assembly line – so early was the ritual – of medal put it around their neck Won. Trophies by UK players he clarified at the speed of light Worn, with sporting spirit which they canceled in a flash values ​​and education that every sport Ability to advocate.

and since bad never ends But the poison is always in the tail, the “top” – as they say – is reached withverbal aggression reserved for team player guilty of losing her thwart punishment: Jadon Sanchohandjob Bukayo could I Marcus Rashford. of three colours. Of course racist abuses They fell from the sky, as if by chance.

someone noted that for brexie Now everything is really done. Surely England will have nothing to laugh about and even in the game there is still a lot to learn. By Italy, football player and fan, a Eligibility (further) to be recognized: to be able to good face on bad situation, holding it tongue between teeth don’t pronounce it slogan In vogue at the time of the Social Republic: “God damn English” (Quoted by Mario Apelius).

have a nice Sunday

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