Hamilton becomes Knight of the United Kingdom

Lewis Hamilton founded the new team of X44: Extreme E.

Lewis Hamilton takes it all. After recording the seventh World Championship in F1 and the resulting win over the tracks (95), the Mere AIDS driver sewed the cockade of the now United Kingdom Knighthood to his chest.

He thus joined three of the greatest representatives of the sport who have been honored with this recognition before him: Australian Jack Brehm in 1978, Sterling Moss in 2000 and Scottish Jackie Stewart in 2001.

Why did he get a knighthood?

On January 7, the 35-year-old Anglo-Caribbean driver was awarded not only for his undisputed sportsmanship, but also for his social commitment, particularly in the fight against racism.

However, this is not the first such recognition. In 2008, on the occasion of the victory of the first world title, he was appointed a member of the MBE, the British Empire, a type of antichamber that ends with the title he has just awarded.

Compliments of Wolff and Domenacili

Lewis was congratulated by the new F1 CEO Stefano Dominical and Mercedes team chief Toto Wolff.

Damayanti: “Lewis is a true giant of our game, his influence is massive both in the car and outside. The successes he has achieved are extraordinary and still others will come. All of us at Formula One have congratulated him for receiving this important recognition and we cannot wait to see further performances of his talent even in the 2021 demonstr.

Wolff: “Lewis is known worldwide for his sporting achievements. This year he was able to combine his outstanding stature on the track with a very powerful voice in the fight against racial discrimination. From every point of view, in 2020 he was a leader. The whole of Britain can be proud to be champions and ambassadors of Lewis’s caliber.

Lewis Hamilton selected 2020 Sports Personality

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