Halo Infinite: The Flaming Return of the Iconic Saga of the Xbox Era

The iconic series from the Xbox brand, Halo, returns in an episode that can only delight fans of the shooting game, beginners or confirmed. Six years after Halo 5 Guardians, American developers from 343 Industries are backing out with Halo Infinity, the first episode of a saga designed for the new Xbox Series console.

Halo is a series of shooting games (FPS) born in 2001. For its 20 years, the protagonist of this cult franchise, the mysterious Master Chief, returns in a title that intends to unite the Neophytes around a single banner. specialist. Direction Zeta Halo, a planet located at the edge of a distant galaxy. An epic sci-fi fresco, the plot pits humanity against a bellicose alien race.

A classic, even if Halo Legends is much denser than you might imagine at first glance. Some of the references here may seem vague even to beginners who do not know the game world. However, nothing blocks when we accompany Major on his journey in the middle of this mountainous landscape in the open world. A first for the series that accustomed players to a more closed environment and which now invites more exploration.

multiplayer is unanimous

The adventure takes on a whole new dimension as multiple side missions await players here and there on Zeta Halo. We must free checkpoints, free prisoners, eliminate targets… Here again, FPS enthusiasts will be in familiar territory. On foot or in combat vehicles, Spartans roam this vast wild environment.

The fights are numerous (and the weapons available to the player), enthralled, buoyed by beautiful compositions signed by Garth Coker, Joel Koerlitz, and Curtis Schweitzer. As for the sounds, the sonic atmosphere of the title reaches new heights: the noise of vehicles, weapons, etc. Immerse players in a unique universe where great dialogue is also illustrated by some well-felt humorous lines.

Beyond its texts, Halo Infinity offers a fun and joyous adventure. Even though Zeta Halo’s landscapes aren’t astonishingly beautiful, the trip is worth a visit. We have a great time in the company of this Master Chief, who, 20 years after taking the first step, remains a formidable companion of adventure. And for those who want even more, the multiplayer mode, unanimously praised for its virtues, is available for free. Enough to end 2021 with one of the best shooting games of the year.

Halo Infinite, Microsoft, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.


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