Halal meat served in the cafeteria of Science Po Grenoble?

In a press release published on Tuesday, 19 October, student union UNI was outraged that a cafeteria established on the campus of the Science Po Grenoble has now announced that it is now selling only 100% Halal products.

“Without talking about the cruelty of this practice (…), this choice is made on the basis of “inclusion”, while practitioners of one religion are favored to the detriment of the others”, warns UNI.

She denounces the fact that the Cafeten Kit cafeteria (which announced the change on Instagram before the message was deleted) benefits from “a special place in the IEP”, making it a privileged place. Reinstall, unless you go to CROUS and have to wait a long time. In fact, he believes that the self-managed union that manages this catering point and which according to him is “approved” by the management of Science Po Grenoble, should not force students to consume halal meat. have to do.

“A New Act of Presenting the Awakened Ideology and Islamism”

Invited to the Morandini live event on CNEWS, UNI’s national representative, Remi Perad, confirmed that this option “has been decided. We alerted the students and the management of the IEP. There was no response. They turn a deaf ear ” .

For UNI, it is “a new task of presenting the awakened ideology and Islamism”.

As a reminder, the Grenoble Institute of Political Studies is the place where last March the identities of two professors accused of Islamophobia were displayed on the walls of the establishment. An investigation has since been opened for public disgrace.

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