HACA President Created Commander of Merit in Burkina Faso

The President of the High Authority for Audiovisual Communication, Latifah Akharbach, was decorated with Burkina Faso’s Commander’s Badge of Merit for Arts, Letters and Communication as a sign of recognition for the work of transfer of expertise and technology produced had gone. Morocco and Burkina Faso.

Latifah Akhrabak was decorated with this title reserved for the Burkinabe elite on an extraordinary basis in Ouagadougou, and as a sign of recognition from the head of state of Faso, President Roch Marc Christian Cabore.

A HACA press release stated that the head of state wished “the Superior Council of Communication of Burkina Faso to show his country’s recognition for the efforts made by HACA in terms of technology transfer and expertise”.

Latifa Akhrabak wanted to thank Burkina Faso officials for their “honour” during a speech in the presence of the Moroccan ambassador to Faso, Yusuf Saloi and the heads of African regulatory bodies.

“As for all Moroccan institutions, HACA’s action is inspired by His Majesty King Mohammed VI’s African vision, implemented through African expertise for profit, exploring African solutions, addressing the many challenges facing our continent . of African citizens,” she said.

Other members of the HACA were also decorated, this is the case of the organization’s IT director Najib Buezmarny, the operating systems manager Adil Borbet, and Talal Salahdin, the manager of African and international affairs within HACA, who received the Knights of the Knights insignia. Order of Merit of Arts, Letters and Communication.

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