Guilty Gear Strive unveils the incredible Goldlewiss Dickinson

guilty gear attempt promised to unveil its Fighter of July DLC today and the promise has been kept, as it was released in July. And his identity will inevitably delight those who have followed this episode’s story.

Guilty Gear Strive presents to its Secretary of Defense

goldlewis dickinson So happens to pour shots of the strange coffins found in Area 51. It will be available on July 27 for Season Pass holders, then on July 30 for those who prefer to purchase it in person (except on Steam for one reason or another). Will be on sale from 27).

But this trailer also has to have the full schedule of the season without the characters being identified, as it is better to avoid suspense. But as you will see, we won’t have to wait too long to get to know the following fighters:

  • character n ° 2 – August 2021
  • Characters n ° 3 – 2021
  • Characters n ° 4 – 2022
  • Characters n ° 5 – 2022
    • land n ° 2
    • Another story chapter in story mode

When declaring the material you have, Arch System Works Said we can wait for character 3 “by the fall of 2021”, so the lack of accuracy for the duration is enough to raise an eyebrow, but don’t claim that there’s a huge difference either.

guilty gear attempt Available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC (yes, it was one of the games Valve used in the Steam Deck demo)

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