Guardians of the Galaxy, Stranger of Paradise, …: E3 by Square-Enix. All games announced on

Publisher Square-Enix hit hard at E3 with at least half a dozen new games.

Guardians of the Galaxy (PC, PS5, Xbox Series)

Square-Enix hit hard with a new Marvel game set in the Guardians of the Galaxy universe. Assigned to Eidos Montreal, the project promises to be very ambitious. The developers of Deus Ex and Thief do not intend to make the same mistakes as their games The Avengers. No micro-transactions, game as a service or collaboration, this adaptation of Guardians of the Galaxy is a narrative single-player game, which will be distributed in its final form upon its release. The developers solicited several comics screenwriter Dan Abnett to write the script for this stand-alone game. And to hear it, Guardians of the Galaxy will neither be an adaptation of the comics nor a cut and paste of the movies. The game will mix platforms, exploration and battle scenes. In Star Lord skins, the player will always be with his teammates, which is managed by the AI. On the gameplay side, it looks great: the battle scenes for Star Lords Pulse Boots look extremely dynamic, all the characters have special abilities, and the player is able to activate a special ability using their sound. Walkman. The icing on the cake, we are promised moral choices that will affect the landscape of the game…

Strangers of Heaven: Final Fantasy Origins (PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series)

Another surprise of the evening, the announcement of a spin-off of the Final Fantasy series by Team Ninja (Dead or Alive, Ninja Gaiden). Square-Enix has actually handed an action-adventure game to the Japanese studio. The approach is very different from Square-Enix’s because this episode will drop the entire role-playing aspect of the franchise to focus on the intensity of the fight. Stranger of Paradise is also shaping up to be much darker and more mature than the other final fantasies released so far.

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Strangers of Heaven: Final Fantasy Origins (PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series)

Despite the mixed success of its Marvel’s Avengers game, Square-Enix wants to continue to supply it with content. The publisher introduced a new expansion at E3 that will take players to the center of the Kingdom of Wakanda and allow them to play as Black Panther. The extension will be available during the month of next August.

The Fall of Babylon: A New Trailer (PC, PS4, PS5)

had already been unveiled last year, although the fall of Babylon remains very mysterious to this day. PlatinumGames’ new action-adventure game has finally shown itself through a gameplay trailer that points to a very dynamic game set in a fictional universe. According to the publisher, the emphasis will be on cooperation. Apparently, Sony has signed an exclusive with Square to release this title, which will not prioritize the light of day on Xbox.

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster (PC, Smartphone)

Finally, it’s hard not to mention the announcement of a new compilation of the first six episodes of the cult final fantasy series, called “Pixel Remaster,” that will be released — oddly enough — not on consoles but on PC and smartphones. On.

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