Guardian has reached 1m subscribers and regular contributors Guardian

The Guardian now has more than 1 million subscribers and regular contributors, with online reader support growing 43% a year.

Figures released by the Guardian News and Media on Thursday show that digital subscriptions alone increased by 0%, with total digital recurrence support – which counts all those with regular financial commitments – rising from 232,000 in November 2016 to 900,000 last month. There are also 119,000 print subscribers.

When one-off contributions were made successful, more than one and a half million people supported the Guardian last year.

Newsstand sales and advertising have fallen badly, making the coronavirus a major challenge to the conventional newspaper economy. In July, the Guardian Media Group (GMG) said unnecessary actions would be needed as part of a “decision-making process” to prevent unnecessary losses.

But a significant increase in reader support with the epidemic, the Black Lives Matter Movement, climate change and widespread interest in the U.S. presidential election have helped mitigate that impact. Following the US election, the Guardian recorded its best day for digital traffic on November 4, reaching 190 meters of pageviews worldwide and 52.9 meters of unique browsers in 24 hours.

Editor-in-Chief Catherine Wiener said: “In this very challenging year, readers have come to the Guardian in record numbers for rigorous, reliable reporting that takes the strong into account. Thanks to the support of our readers, we have been able to keep our journalism open and accessible to all. It’s not for those who can afford it. “

The Press Gadget was published after the publication of a league table of English-language news publishers who have collected the top 100,000 or more digital-cable subscriptions, leaving the Guardian as the UK’s top general interest outlet.

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GMAT chief executive Annette Thomas said the figures supported its strategy. “It’s an incredible proof of parental journalism, that so many new readers have helped us financially compared to last year,” he said. “As we look forward, deepening our relationship with more readers and increasing our digital readership will be the focus of parents’ future strategies and long-term success.”

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