GTA V Expanded and Extended: What we would like to see in 2021

GTA V Expanded and Extended: What we would like to see in 2021

Grand Theft Auto V. Still two of the best-earning titles of all time in the console generation and the future of Grand Theft Auto: Still to go online in the years to come. Is working hard to deliver PlayStation 5 And Xbox series New consoles bring a rich enhanced experience to take full advantage of hardware.

In the wake of this announcement, the GTA community has been passionately speculating as to which new features may end up in the new versions. Rockstar is known in the past for providing some unexpected features from some previously published ports Of Red Dead Redemption 2 (2019) PC port which features a new photo mode and GTA V’s PC Port (2015) is also featured Rockstar Editor Which remains the most used feature in today’s game.

Really, what should we expect from these new versions in 2021? These versions are extremely safe to aim at to improve the technical aspect of the game. We’ve got Rockstar also committed to expanding the game with extra content to move the ship through the port.

In 2021 we dive into what we like to see featured in the next generation port of the GTA V.

Technological advancement

Rockstar Games / Promotional Images

GTA V still looks quite perfect compared to a seven year old game and modern games since 2013 but some technical parts of the game have started to look a bit deadly but it still holds up well.

Los Santos needs to be refined with a use of the world’s oldest 2D cloud technology Volumetric cloud Seen as a system in Rockstar’s latest title Red Dead Redemption II. This makes flying an airplane in the sky more enjoyable and This incredible look is even more breathtaking with the clouds.

Example of a volumetric cloud in Red Dead Redemption 2 (screenshot of osoawesome176)

It would be even more welcome if Rockstar put in extra effort to further enhance the texture detail throughout Los Santos, and new updates create weather effects like rain, puddles and thunderstorms. The game will also benefit greatly from screen-space images instead of just standard images.

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In addition, let’s discuss a specific rendering feature that is very well known in the games industry. Also known as RTX Ray-tracing. Many fans are looking forward to seeing the re-tracing feature and why here. Ray-tracing basically brings more realism to the game world’s illumination, making it more real-life like shadows and reflections. It is widely used in many upcoming titles Cyberpunk 2077 And it makes a really remarkable difference in game lighting.

However, considering the age of the game code, it may take a lot of work and resources to implement such a huge feature in the game engine. However, Rockstar has a good relationship with NVIDA so it is safe to assume that this could happen even if there is an ongoing contract behind the scenes. Plus on the note, almost every next generation will use re-tracing in the title.

NVIDA – How Ray-Tracing Works

Length Loading Improvement – GTA Online

Over the years GTA has received fair criticism for its long loading experience, even after the game has finished online game modes. Most of the time it takes even five minutes to get up to a session in the current Zen console version. While this may change with the PS5 and Xbox series, both Microsoft and Sony are promising developers and customers to provide extremely fast SSD speeds for faster loading.

But there is only one issue; Even if next-gen consoles can load game resources under matchmaking in a matter of seconds, some improvements are still needed. Even players with SSD on PC still feel long loads. We hope it fixes something rockstar so we don’t have to stay in the clouds or load the screen for too long.

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60 fps on consoles

Rockstar Games

This is very clear. Subsequent-gen versions should include a performance cap of 60 fps for the first time on the console. This will make the gameplay smoother and the songplay will feel even less clinky. Even if Rockstar can interrupt performance up to 120 fps, a 120 Hz display would be better for them.

Expand – Any new content?

We would like if Rockstar expands to a single player with extra content. Even if we get new side quests in the game or we’re lucky with a few new missions featuring Michelle, Franklin and Trevor. But it seems quite impossible. It doesn’t look like Rockstar plans to take advantage of it and wants to focus on online mode.

Rockstar Games

So what else can they expand? Logically it would be somewhat understandable to bring some newly selected exclusive GTA online content reserved for next generation systems and PCs so that more users can move on to this new version. Due to hardware limitations we’ve seen with the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions that Rockstar may stop DLC updates for the PS4 and Xbox One versions in a few years.

If a major DLC update for GTA Online is only exclusive to the next-gen console version, more people will probably be able to upgrade to newer consoles and buy the game again. But this is our little guess. Although Rockstar will update the single player again with new features and content and Rockstar Editor will also be updated to support 4K rendering, it would be very welcome.

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Wrap it up! We will be sure to report as soon as possible and break everything down until Rockstar releases more news in the future!

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