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Since the deployment of the last update of GTA 5 Online, Xbox players have faced some connection problems.

March 16, 2021 Rockstar Games Has released a patch that is highly anticipated by gamers to greatly reduce load time Gta 5. Thus PC players divide their wait times by three, whether in Story Mode or Online Mode. Console players have also benefited from connection improvements.

However Xbox gamers started having connection problems After this update of GTA 5. Rockstar is positioned as A patch to fix the problem.

Rockstar releases patch to fix connection issues on GTA 5

About 24 hours after the patch was released, Rockstar released an update to fix connection issues for Xbox players (One and Series X / S) due to this patch. So this addition allows you to return to the previous patch, Correct connection problems at the same time.

As a warning, the update that reduced the loading time of PC players was originally a user-developed mod which Rockstar then decided to integrate directly into the game.

This patch was therefore minor, but greatly improved the lives of GTA 5 players. Rockstar Games has not yet released any information or teaser about the game’s next major patch. If the publisher follows its normal schedule, we can expect another size update in the spring.

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