GTA 5 continues its climb and reaches a new milestone

While we might think that Grand Theft Auto V’s meteoric rise is over, it’s not, and the latest figures shared by Rockstar Games’ parent company prove it. take two,

GTA 5, always on top!

If it was last March that GTA 5 released on the next console-Gen (PS5 and Xbox Series), it looks like players are there once again as the starred firm’s title once again reaches a new milestone in its history.

in the month of FebruaryWe announced that our three-hero game has crossed the 160 million mark in worldwide sales, which was already quite an incredible performance. In this month of May 2022, and as part of Take-Two’s latest financial report, we learn that GTA 5 has crossed the 165 million sales mark this time around., A performance that should be highlighted, especially since it once again marks the history of the sport but also of the licence. Nowadays, The GTA Franchise Is Actually Over 375 Million Games sold around the world.

Next, we can expect GTA 5 to sell like hotcakes as Rockstar Games seems more determined than ever to introduce new content over and over again for its golden swan. Evidence of this is the features reserved for the next generation of players in the online mode, including, among other things, the Hao Store, but also bonuses and the rotation of vehicles which therefore change every week.

Still no GTA 5 next generation on PC

Despite the latest rumors that PC gamers will soon be enjoying the next-gen version of GTA 5 on their machine, Take Two has yet to make an announcement on the subject.,

However, we can still believe them and look forward to the upcoming release of the title on PC as this information did not come from anyone, it was actually the ESRB site. For those who don’t know the latter, it’s the Entertainment Software Rating Board), a self-regulated body that evaluates video games. In most, if not all cases, when information comes from this site, it is always true.

Finally, in addition to this appearance, the game’s final update also put the chip in the ear. Although this update happened on all platforms, but we will see the update released on PC. New files are discovered, and these files are not just any files because they belong to this famous next generation version. So this means that we should soon have GTA 5 on PC, but in an even higher version.

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