GTA 5: Available in 4K on PC soon?

After release on PS3 and Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One and PC, now with the new next-gen version of PS5 and Xbox Series Grand Theft Auto 5, It looks like PC players will actually be able to enjoy the latter on their machine,

GTA 5, the next generation version will soon be available on PC

If at the moment nothing has been formalized rockstar gamesThis information comes directly to us ESRB (The Entertainment Software Rating Board), a self-regulatory body that rates video games. In most, if not all, cases, When information comes from this site, it is always true,

So, according to the ESRB website, So GTA 5 Next-Gen Edition should be coming to PC soon as the title sheet now mentions “Windows PC”.Right next to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series.

Still, no availability date has been given at the moment, but, in most cases, when a platform is added to a game’s page on this site, it means we won’t have to wait long before seeing it. It will take Said machine.

So the starred firm should not take much time to announce the release of the next generation version of GTA 5 on PC. We can expect the latter for this month of May, the month of final quarter financial results with a call to investors.

Next Generation Version Released on PC, Really Useful?

If for some this may sound like good news, we are entitled to ask ourselves If the release of the next generation version of GTA 5 on PC is really useful,

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As a reminder, it has a few specials (rather few), mainly from Hao’s stores/garages and its weekly novelty, as well as some exclusive and free cars through various vehicle dealers, but solidly?

On PC, you are not unaware that there is With lots of possible configurations thundering framerate to make a game more realistic and more beautiful than ever, In addition, modders have made available to players a whole range of mods designed specifically for GTA 5 and there is something for everyone. So the release of the next generation version on PC is never doubtful, unless you want to play in full 4K!

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