Grow: Song of EverTree Anonce Sur Nintendo Switch

Grow: Song of Evertree will be released on Nintendo Switch before the end of the year.

Cultivate your own worlds and have a natural and deep connection to everything in them. See the positive changes you are making in the world and rejuvenate Evertree in this breathtaking sandbox with life management and adventure elements.

Over time, Alaria’s world disappeared. The Evertree, which once had many folk in its countless branches, is now a small shrub whose glory has long since faded from memory. No one knows how to grow it. But you are not like the others. You hear the song of the sun crossing the sky. You hear the murmur of rain falling on the earth. You are the last of Everhart’s alchemists, and it is your sacred duty, which is passed down from generation to generation: to grow and protect the Evertree.

Explore unique locations with spectacular flora and fauna thanks to an intuitive game mechanic. How would you like to spend your time? Collect stones and flowers, fish, catch insects, explore caves or solve puzzles… the choice is yours.

Learn how to seed worlds using alchemy to create whole new worlds with unique features. Maintain these worlds, bring them to life, observe their development and witness the emergence of new properties! You can create unique environments such as meadows, deserts, frozen worlds, as well as… well… alchemy is not an exact science, so there are some seeds in store for you.

Meet unique and exciting characters, listen to their stories and help them out when they need it. You can make them happy by finding a place to live, helping them find their dream job, or providing them with furnishings and decorations.

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