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Title: Grimes Files Lawsuit Against Elon Musk for Custody of Their Children

Subtitle: Serving Elon Musk with custody papers proves to be a challenge

In an unexpected turn of events, musician Grimes has taken legal action against tech billionaire Elon Musk for physical custody of their three children. The case, which has attracted widespread media attention, has recently seen a unique twist as Grimes hired process servers to serve Musk with custody papers.

Striving to serve the papers directly to Musk, the process servers embarked on a mission, attempting deliveries at various locations associated with the Tesla CEO. Their search led them to locations including X’s headquarters, Tesla’s Austin gigafactory, and addresses linked to Musk near Austin. However, despite their efforts, Musk was not personally served with the custody papers.

Instead, the papers were handed to workers and staff at Musk’s businesses, along with a property associated with him. Grimes argues that delivering the papers to Musk’s security at X served as proof that she had adequately served him. Supporters of Grimes back her claim, stating that her team made more than reasonable efforts to serve Musk.

Seeking an expert opinion on the matter, Insider Wales Sport reached out to a California family lawyer who suggested that substitute service, given the circumstances, was acceptable. This opinion bolsters Grimes’ legal grounds as she continues to pursue physical custody of their children.

As the legal battle unfolds, the spotlight now shifts towards Elon Musk and his response to the lawsuit. However, Musk has yet to formally address the custody case, leaving many speculating on his next move. Experts in family law predict that his next course of action would be to file a motion arguing that the custody case should proceed in Texas rather than California.

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With Musk’s reputation and high-profile status, his response to Grimes’ claims will undoubtedly draw significant attention. The international community eagerly awaits Musk’s legal response, which will determine the direction the custody case will take.

As the custody battle between Grimes and Elon Musk gains momentum, Insider Wales Sport will closely follow the story, providing updates as the legal saga unveils the fate of their three children.

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