Grenoble celebrates its title of “European Green Capital” on Saturday

The city of Grenoble on Saturday celebrates the title of “European Green Capital” 2022 conferred by the European Commission during an official ceremony during which several associations are organizing a march for “social and popular ecology”.

“Grenoble has earned the title of Ecological Capital for its unwavering commitment to becoming a healthier city for and with its citizens,” said Environment Commissioner Virginijus Sinquevicius, who was at the ceremony at the city’s museum from 5:00 p.m. will participate. Barbara Pompilly, Minister of Ecological Transitions, and Eric Piol, Mayor of Grenoble.

Grenoble thus succeeds the Finnish city of Lahti as the winner of the title which rewards “exemplary” measures in terms of environment and sustainable development. The capital of Isre is the 13th city in Europe and the second in France to receive this title, after Nantes in 2013.

During his greeting to the press on Thursday, Eric Piole denounced “theft” of President Emmanuel Macron’s absence from the ceremony: he “patted his back on Grenoble and therefore the millions of French people who want to act for the climate”. , a-t -he declares.

This distinction coincides with the French presidency of the European Council, whose priorities include the implementation of the European Green Deal and action in favor of zero pollution, climate neutrality, reinforced protection of biodiversity and the achievement of a circular economy, in a press release. Specifies the issue of the French representation of the commission.

“The climate in the Alps is twice as disturbing as anywhere else. We have already passed two degrees (rising temperatures, editor’s note) and we need to be courageous”, declared in October Mr. Piole, who received the Minister of Ecology. Transition, Barbara Pompilly on the occasion of the presentation of the Kia project.

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More than 200 events based on civic participation, culture and science will be held throughout the year to honor the title, with four million euros in funding from the state.

To coincide with the opening ceremony, the Confederation Paysne de l’Isre, as well as other local organizations (Together for Earth Grenoble, Solidaires Isere, Alternatiba Grenoble, Attac Isere, etc.), called for a “March for Social Ecology and Popularity”. . 2:00 pm

“In the Grenoble Basin as well as elsewhere, we continue to expand shopping centers and build new ones, to make ever more living and agricultural spaces artificial, to support a genuine policy of agricultural establishment and for all To support access to quality food, not to demolish social housing rather than to renovate them and to develop road traffic, as Emmanuel Macron was instrumental in financing the A480 construction site”, a press release Condemned the Confederation.

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