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A train convoy of Swiss company Ralpin carrying goods trucks was turned back at the Italian border last week. Six of the 16 drivers carried by the operator did not have the required health certificate for Italy.

Asked on Monday by AWP, the management of the company owned by BLS, Federal Railways (CFF) and Hupac confirmed information relayed by Italian press agency Ansa late last week.

It was a rolling carriageway convoy connecting Freiburg im Breisgau[de]with the intermodal terminal at Novara in Piedmont. “In this case, the drivers are traveling in an accompanying sleeper car”, explained Ludwig Knaff, managing director (CEO) of Ralpin.

“For Transit Through Switzerland”

However, the certificate obligation was extended in Italy from 15 October (Friday), and since not all drivers were in possession of a Covid-19 certificate (called a “green pass” in Italy) during the controls in Domodossola, The train had to return to Freiburg im Breisgau and be unloaded”, continued Ralpin’s owner.

As a train attendant from the Italian subsidiary of CFF Cargo must be present on the train for safety reasons, this makes the rolling carriageway sleeper car a “workplace”, with the obligation to obtain a certificate in accordance with applicable regulations. Force in Italy, explained to the leader.

According to a spokesperson, the Federal Customs Administration (AFD) also contacted and said that the convoy was “in possession of all necessary documentation for transit through Switzerland”.

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To avoid a recurrence of such disappointment, RAlpin has established “rigorous controls” at its terminals in Freiburg im Breisgau and Novara, and truckers without a certificate will be refused. Many are from Eastern Europe, where skepticism about vaccination is high, or EU-recognized vaccine types are unavailable, Näf says.

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The introduction of the new rules raises fears of “interruptions, inconvenience and delays for all goods transported by these trains”, which can be read on Republika’s site.

An opinion shared by the CEO of RAlpin: “This new legal provision is of great concern among all freight transport companies headquartered outside Italy”. The manager was unable to anticipate the impact of the incident on the future of operations.

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