Green passes and quarantine in Italy: rules for those arriving from the United Kingdom and non-EU countries

Green Pass and Travel from Abroad (ANSA)

Rome, 29 July 2021 – in summer time covid pandemic It essentially includes decisions to be taken in relation to foreign countries. Quarantena Al Green Pass – Where tourists come from and where do Italians go, and who in turn enforce anti-Covid rules. health minister Roberto Speranza signed an ordinance which provides that “i Vaccination and treatment certificate from Great Britain It is possible Used for the purposes of Green Pass on italian territory 5 day mini quarantine Also from Great Britain.

As for the Quarantine for non-European countries, ns10 days isolation Except for those on the EU-recommended list for whom quarantine has been reduced to 5 days (including the United Kingdom). for European countries and the Schengen Area, as well as Canada, Japan and the United StatesThe entry system has been enhanced with the requirements of green certification.
The ministry announced that Speranza had “signed an ordinance with which Fr.renew restrictive measures With regard to entry into Italy from India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Brazil“.

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