Green Pass, UK has second thoughts: Certificate will not apply

The British government has decided not to use the Green Pass in England. The measure was due to take effect at the end of this month. Despite the peak of infections in the country, Boris Johnson’s government has opted to suspend the entry into force of green certification for use at public activities and events. These include nightclubs, discos or mass events.

Just yesterday, the United Kingdom recorded nearly 37,000 infections and less than sixty deaths. Despite such high data on new cases, the country’s officials believe the new restrictions related to vaccination are not necessary.

According to British Health Minister Javid, given the high percentage of people vaccinated in the country, this would be an unnecessary taxation, which would not require additional incentives. “I am happy to say that we will not continue down this path,” he said while speaking to the British broadcaster BBC. Useless, he declared, “do something just to be done.”

In the UK, the share of people who get vaccinated is over 80 per cent. “It remains to accelerate the campaign between 16 and 17, the last joining the sequence of times, where it has reached 55-60% so far”, admitted Javid, however, at this age. also encouraged himself by the current trend. Group..

The introduction of green certification has been opposed by almost the entire British political spectrum. Keir Starmer’s Labor had campaigned for weeks against any broad-spectrum expansion of vaccine passports by the Conservative government; Whereas the Liberal Democrats had always declared themselves opposed to certification: and now, if anything, they claim they have prompted the executive to step back.

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The only country in the Kingdom that has introduced a requirement for Green Passes for public-related activities is Scotland: they will come into effect from 1 October.

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