Green light for all vaccinated tourists

While France has established a “color list” of countries based on the intensity of the Covid-19 pandemic, specifying the procedures to be followed in the event of foreign travel, the head of the Spanish government, Pedro Sánchez, in turn called for the new Announced measures to ease health restrictions on international travel.

The said government issued a ministerial decree allowing the entry of travelers from safe third countries including New Zealand, South Korea, United Kingdom, Thailand, etc. The latter, whose residents were only allowed to come to Spain for essential visits, are now allowed to enter the region, without restrictions, requirements or health checks on their arrival.

Tourists from other countries in the European Union or elsewhere can also travel to Spain, provided they have a vaccination certificate certifying that they have received two doses of Covid-19 as authorized by the European Medicines Agency and World Health. Organization (WHO), he emphasized.

“All vaccinated people and their families will be welcome to our country, Spain, regardless of their country of origin,” Pedro Sanchez said.

The head of government has, in right, specified that exceptions may be made depending on the development of the epidemiological situation in third countries, without specifying whether he is obliged to provide PCR tests or serological negatives.

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