“Great, then I will defend the cup in Auckland. Bizarre, but …” – OA Sport

Future of america cup Not yet underlined. Team New Zealand accepted the challenge started by Ineos UkThe two already have a partnership Gave some guidelines (Use of AC75, stringent rules on crew nationality, only one boat per team) But two fundamental aspects are still to be defined: Where and when the next edition will be World’s oldest sports competition? Two table options are now known to all: A direct confrontation on the Isle of Wight next year (Where it all began in 1851), without involving other Challengers; In 2024, in “traditional” mode, a contest with contenders contiguous tournaments (Auckland or Middle East?).

After Grant Dalton’s statementKiwi CEO and Ben ainslie, The British fleet’s skipper and helmsman, Ineos owner Jim Ratcliffe also spoke. The president of the chemical giant gave the newspaper a lengthy interview. Wire, In which he said that nothing has been signed yet, but that He would like to see a regatta on the Isle of Wight: “I think it would be magical to be back [la Coppa America, ndr] After this time in Britain, especially after the Kovid-19. This would be great for the whole country, but the final decision rests with the Kiwis.. I honestly think it will be a huge success, then it should be remembered that due to the epidemic no one in the Northern Hemisphere has seen these boats live yet and I assure you they are absolutely amazing, I think Is that people will be surprised.“.

Felsvor was the original entrepreneur then continued: “Kiwis are like the All Blacks in rugby. To face the world’s best, in our waters, after the America’s Cup 171 years ago, something spectacular will happen. Again This will not be the first duel in history, Were the only doubles for the Old Jug in the first 100 years“. And then he explains: “If we win the trophy, I would be happy to defend it in 2024 in New Zealand. I mean, it would be a little weird but the cup has always been a little weird“. This is a kind of favor between the two sides, as we should not forget that Team New Zealand is struggling with the financial crisis, while Ratcliffe has a billionaire property at his disposal (he spent at least 125 for the final campaign Million euros, but lost to Luna Rossa in the Prada Cup final).

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American Magic and Luna Rossa are clearly against this scenario And oppose the closed match between Ineos Uk and Team New Zealand. Max siren, The captain of the Italian crew, did not copy the words and They called it an antics. We will see what the future will say: By September 19, 2021, we will know if there will be a fight in the Cause, or if we see a more traditional America’s Cup in 2024, in which Luna Rossa will also take part.

Photo: Luna Rossa Press

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