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Is France one of the great football nations? The question ignites the minds of all enthusiasts (real or false) and experts (real or self-proclaimed) of the world’s most popular sport. Often they will answer the question in the negative. A record of very late starvation in the club (only one European Cup) and national team (1998 and 2018), and popular enthusiasm is much less intense than in Italy, the United Kingdom or Brazil. When we think and write about the history of football, we think there are more of South America, Germany, England, Netherlands or now, Spain. A book comes to put a little balm in the heart of French aficionados. French Football. Big and short stories Working to bring our country and some of its illustrious citizens back to the top of the podium.

Jules of course! The first president of the World Federation, the inventor of the World Cup and what he remembers as the Nobel Peace Prize within a few months, pledged the competition to be a synergy between people and civilizations. In his wake, Lucian Laurent, first scorer of the first match of the first World Cup on January 13, 1930 in Montevideo; After him, Raymond Copa and Roger Pietoni, Brigitte Bardot, Robert Herbin himself, Yannick Noah, Bernard Tapi and many others have not recorded their names, their exploits, their talents or anything in their great golden book. This is French football. Everyone deserves their chapter, their ode, their claws or their own hat trick.

This richly illustrated book refreshes memories. France is inadvertently one of the biggest revolutions in the sport. The dispute between Belgian footballer Jean-Marc Bosman and his club FC Liege during the transfer of Dunkirk sent the case to the Court of Justice of European Communities. The ECJ delivered a resounding verdict that made players “commodities like no other”. Therefore, it will not be possible to limit the number of athletes of related nationalities in a team or professional competition. The purchase of contracted players, severance payments, agent commissions and sky-high player transfers was born. And football-business too…

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No one else like a cruise

French Football. Big and short stories Let’s also look back at the great heroes of the game: Zidan, Platini, Giressi, Just Fontaine, Rochetto, Hidalgo, Aimee Jacquet and a few others. He also multiplies stories beyond the age of these epic epics or little-known episodes of nearly a century of football. Like this crossing of the oceans from Villefranche-sur-Mer to reach Uruguay in 1930. How to keep in shape and prepare for the competition by turning circles on a liner, which stops on this cruise, like others, welcomed the Belgian, Romanian and then Brazilian delegations on board. The dissolution of television – the first championship match aired on ORTF in 1956 was Rheims-Metz -; Brothers Giuseppe and Benito Panini, the younger princes of this king sport; Emergence of women’s football; General de Gaulle’s throw-in in the Coupe de France final; Angoulême denied the chance to play in the air; Disintegration of politicians … This book, signed by Antoine Grenpin and Guillaume Pare, two journalists interested in sports and who have worked with editorial staff Point, Is full of anecdotes and tells a little history of our country’s adaptations. Where we discover, for those who still doubt it, is that sports and entertainment are the best standards for the development of an individual and a society.

French Football. Big and short stories Antoine Grenpin and Guillaume Pare, by Casa, 191 pages, 26.95 euros.

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