Great discovery connects Stonehenge to its original site in Wales

In Stonehenge, Amesbury, UK. (Archives) – Adrian Dennis / AFP

The stones at the prehistoric Stonehenge site in England could have come from another site in Wales more than 200 kilometers away, a mystery that would dispel some of the mystery surrounding these famous megaliths, archaeologists believe.

His study was to be published in the journal British Archeology ancient time And the subject of a documentary aired this Friday on the BBC, showing, thanks to mud sediment and coal dating, that the stone circle of von Maun (in southwest Wales) was built some 400 years before one of Stonehenge .

Researchers at University College London (UCL) believe that the blue and gray stone – a specialty of Wales – Stonehenge may have been moved there by its builders as their community moved to England. Scientists have actually observed that a circle starting from 3,000 years BCE on the megalithic site classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site mimicked the structure of Vun Moven, with exactly the same diameter (110 m) and the same alignment. Was facing Sunrise during summer solstice.

Densely populated area, then nothing

This discovery would reveal many things about the Stonehenge site, including why his monolith was not erected in the immediate vicinity of his quarry, such as most sites dating from the same period. Von Mowan, where only four monoliths remain, is one of the oldest stone circles in Britain, and the third largest in the country. The surrounding area was a large and densely populated area until 3,000 BCE, when activity abruptly ceased.

“It is as if (the residents) have disappeared. UCL professor Parker Pearson said that most people may have gone away with their stones – their ancestral identity. Composed of about 80 stones, the megalithic site of Stonehenge must have rock formations from monuments other than Vun mon, the professor estimates: “Perhaps others (monuments) are waiting to be found in Presley. Who knows ? “

daily Guardian Reminds that an ancient legend, about a thousand years old, already indicates that Merlin had made the people of Ireland to capture a circle of magical stones, as a memorial to the dead, to recreate in England Was headed for. This account was rejected, but it continues to gain strength today. The part of Wales from which these stones came was considered Irish land at that time.

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