Great Britain thinks of autumn

Great Britain: The British Government and the National Health Service. has given the nod for the administration of the third dose of covid vaccine In anticipation of autumn. From September the vaccination campaign will restart the names of those who have already been vaccinated, so that they can be recalled.

according to experts the third dose was unavoidable, not only because variants are proving to be aggressive in infectivity (especially the delta variant), but also because trials on the duration of vaccine coverage are taking place alongside the vaccination campaign.

UK’s third dose today, after getting the country 26,068 new infections (out of 900 thousand swabs). For now, the impact on public health is minimal and there have been no more than 25 deaths between yesterday and today.

The third indispensable dose: Britain’s green light

imminent acceptance of third dose of covid vaccine And today the green signal has come from the government and the British National Health Service. The third dose, as well as possible fourth, fifth and sixth dose variants, is due to be developed. For now, in fact, delta version Today 99% of the positive cases seem to be present.

experts of Joint Committee on Immunization and Immunization They addressed the third dose first, immunization with both doses already in their fifties and young people who have already completed the vaccination process (at this point we will say “partial”). The third phase of vaccination is expected to start starting from september And according to preliminary forecasts, will have to be completed by winter 2022.

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The decision was made two days after the company’s release. astraZeneca On a new study done. In a new phase of testing, Oxford researchers are working to understand how the vaccine works on new variants, especially the dominant delta variant. According to the study, the third dose enhances and strengthens the protective effect on the alpha, beta and delta variants. In addition, the study found fewer side effects with respect to the administration of the second and third doses.

Third dose in Italy also, it is necessary to prepare vaccination plan

The United Kingdom paves the way for the approval of a third dose of an anti-Covid vaccine, while Italy is trying to fill a million-dose shortfall. Normal Francesco Paolo Figuolo, Extraordinary Commissioner for COVID-19 Emergency, put the card on the table immediately: a vaccination campaign must be organized. “We should not be found as disorganized as beforehe said.

The delivery of vaccine doses must be regular and accurate, especially given the fact that the coronavirus will be with us for a long time, becoming endemic. immunologist antonella viola On several occasions he expressed his concern about the favoritism of immunity given by the long interval between one and the second dose. In fact, the expert explained that in this way it was possible to promote the circulation of resistant variants of the antibody, which has happened in Great Britain in recent weeks.

So today, the risk of not knowing the duration of vaccine immunity is even more pronounced. From people who have been vaccinated before, there is evidence that two doses protect for a period of nine months and with the passage of time we will be able to tell that it lasts 1 or 2 years. Meanwhile, the third dose is still “probably” in Italy, while variants don’t wait for any green light.

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