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British citizens and businesses should have the right to a fast internet connection by 2020. Then you should be able to surf at a speed of at least ten megabits per second. The British Ministry of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport announced this on Wednesday. It does not matter whether the users live in a large city that is already developed or in a country, which currently has no associated network infrastructure.

“After careful consideration, the Government has decided that regulation is the best course of action to ensure everyone in the UK has an adequate broadband connection as soon as possible,” the press release said. The offer of BT, once a state-owned telecommunications company, which wanted to take over the expansion of fiber optic networks as a universal service provider, was not enough. Digital Secretary Matt Hancock said in an interview BBC But providers won’t have to connect every home within two years. “It’s about the right to request this kind of connection. If you don’t go online and you’re not interested, you won’t either,” Hancock said.

UK media regulator Ofcom recently criticized rural households’ access to the Internet. About 17 per cent of households do not have adequate internet connections, compared to only two per cent in cities. In all, there are 1.1 million homes that can currently only surf at less than ten megabits per second. But it’s at least necessary to be able to stream video, for example. Opposition politicians had demanded 30 megabits per second instead of ten.

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