Great Britain relaxes requirements for foreign truck drivers

YouTo find a solution to delivery problems, Great Britain is easing requirements for foreign truck drivers. Transportation Minister Grant Shapps announced rules on Sky News on Friday that will go into effect before the end of the year and therefore relax the business of Christmas. This will allow drivers to make more deliveries per stay in the future.

Currently, EU truck drivers are only allowed two pickups and deliveries within seven days of arriving in the UK. In the future, an unlimited number of trips should be possible within a two-week period. Shapps said there will be “thousands of additional truck drivers on the road.”

The UK is currently suffering from a severe shortage of truck drivers, causing logistics and distribution problems across the country. Many foreign skilled workers left the country after Brexit or no longer return as seasonal workers. Shapps dismissed fears of problems in the Christmas business. The UK economy is booming and people are “going to get their things done for Christmas”.


The shortage of skilled workers in the UK comes from many sectors. Farmers are without seasonal workers for the Christmas business, among other things – before Brexit, the region often relied on workers from other EU countries.

On Thursday, the government announced it would issue 800 short-term visas to foreign butchers. Previously, there were warnings that 150,000 pigs could die as a result of a labor shortage, without meat entering the food chain.

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