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rejecters third dose From Vaccination Anti covid They will not be able to travel abroad unless they undergo four tests and a 10-day quarantine upon return Great Britain. This will be the government’s plan boris johnson, revealed by The Mail on Sunday to protect the country from the spread of the new variant.

“Fully Vaccinated” After Only Three Doses

UK ministers currently working on plans to reset quarantine Ten days on return to the UK and four expensive PCR tests, two before departure and two on UK soil, for those denied a third dose of the vaccine. Measures designed to protect the UK from new variants can cause some problems when you consider only that 60% of Britons Those who are entitled to the third dose have injected. Among the leaked information about the remedy, about a potential time frame who would avoid the quarantine for those who have After six months of another demanded to be called back without appointment.

implications of the plan

The implications of the Johnson government’s plan would also include a change to the definition of “fully vaccinated”, which would thus no longer define those who have received two doses of the vaccine, but three. A government source said yesterday evening: “It won’t happen immediately, but it will happen.”

In the UK, a third dose is currently available for people over 50, healthcare workers and vulnerable, while plans are to expand the program to those over 40 by early next year. To date, seven in ten over eighty and three in five over fifty have had their third injection six months after the second in the country.

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Health Minister Javid: “The third dose to save Christmas”

The third dose is not only to travel but also to save Christmas, which is “a national mission”. British Health Minister Sajid Javid today addressed the 3 million elderly and vulnerable citizens who have not yet returned, urging them to do so as soon as possible. “If we all do our part, we can survive this difficult winter, avoid the return of restrictions and enjoy Christmas,” he said. Javid urged younger people to pressure their older relatives to get boosters and get vaccinated against the flu.

“Green pass only for vaccination”, Ricciardi: buffer is the weak point of the current system

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