Great Britain: Family buries house cat – but suddenly it comes back

Great Britain
The family thinks they have cremated the cat Frankie – but then he walks in through the back door.

Frankie, a 16-year-old cat from Stratton, North West England, did not come home one evening in May this year. After a few days his family became very upset.

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A family in England was shocked when their house cat, believed to be long gone, miraculously returned home.

Great Britain F. The family spent several days searching for their missing cat. Having found only one cat’s carcass, the owners decided to cremate it. Then came the surprise: Frankie suddenly stood in front of the door, alive again.

badly injured animal

Frankie, a 16-year-old cat from Stratton, North West England, did not come home one evening in May this year. After a few days its owner became very worried. They searched for him all over the area and neighbors and friends helped him. After walking down the freeway a short time later, Frankie’s owner Rachel F. admitted that he saw a dead cat on the hard shoulder. Rachel and her husband John got as close to the animal as possible, but couldn’t tell for sure whether it was Frankie.

“The marks on the fur match Frankie’s”

Rachel told the Warrington Guardian, which first reported the case, “The markings on the fur match Frankie’s and we also live near the freeway, so we were sure it was him.” He informed the responsible road authority. After a few days, he sent workers to examine the dead animal. They recovered the four-legged friend and reported that it was a fluffy tabby cat – although gender was not explicitly mentioned – with white markings that corresponded to Frankie’s description.

vase next to bed

Road officials then took the cat to their headquarters, but the staff could not scan its chip. So the family picked up the dead cat and cremated it with a heavy heart. Rachel’s seven-year-old son put the urn next to his bed to make Frankie remember less, as he was used to sleeping in his bed every night.

A few days later the unbelievable happened: John ran to the back door when he thought he had heard Frankie. And in fact the four-legged friend walked in. “He was neglected and too thin and meowed as if nothing had happened. We all cried and are still in shock. He’s so lucky.”, Rachel summed up the surprise. Only one thing was left open for Rachel – after it became clear that Frankie was alive: “We would like to know whose pet we cremated.”

They: “Warrington Guardian”


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