Great Britain: a sharp increase in the number of migrants in the English Channel in 2021

Great Britain
The number of migrants in the English Channel increased rapidly in 2021

A warehouse for boats used by suspected migrants. Photo: Gareth Fuller / PA Wire / DPA

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Many people have already lost their lives on the dangerous crossing from France to Great Britain. And yet three times more refugees dared to travel in 2021 than in 2020.

The number of people crossing the English Channel illegally by boat was three times higher than last year.

More than 28,300 people arrived in Great Britain this way in 2021, compared to just 8,000 in 2020, as British news agency PA reported on Tuesday, citing Home Office data.

Despite the low temperatures in November, most of the migrants arrived in the strait within a month. The daily record was set on 11 November with 1185 people. 50 people were carried on a boat. On 24 November, 27 people were killed when an overcrowded boat sank.

The British government wants to tackle the crisis with increased penalties and stricter asylum laws for people smugglers. A bill to make illegal entry illegal and provide people entering the country at a disadvantage when applying for asylum.

Human rights organizations, on the other hand, are calling for a legal route for refugees to enter the UK. Tim Naird Hilton, PA, executive director of Refugee Action, said, “People will continue to cross the English Channel in light boats and smugglers will continue to benefit until the government opens routes to apply for asylum. ” ,


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