Great Britain: A law against »Cancel the culture«

British Education Minister Gavin Williamson has a mission to protect freedom of expression. In a guest article in the Telegraph, he warned of “a very real and dangerous danger of censorship and” revoke culture “in our universities.” In his view, the danger is so great that he wants to more strongly protect freedom of expression with the new law. Critics see it as a new culture war, with supporters as protection from the Left. This is a debate that has been going on in Great Britain for years.

Williamson is primarily concerned with so-called no-platforming. What is meant is that the event is interrupted by protests and speakers are taken off from the event. The purpose of the new law is to prosecute the organizers for compensation to undocumented persons. In a strategy paper, the Ministry of Education also proposes to appoint a “free speech champion” to investigate violations of freedom of speech. This topic has long been relevant to the Conservative Party because many of its voters feel constrained by “political correctness” and the leftist “wokiness”. Boris Johnson resolved to protect academic freedom and freedom of speech in universities in the 2019 election manifesto.

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