Gratitude to those who seek the truth

Exclusive to Giovanna Pancheri (Sky) and Beppe Severgnini (Coriere). The winners include Tiziana Simula and Luigi Sorriga della Nuova

Castelsardo was sent. After four decades of absence, Castelsardo’s Journalism Prize represents a return to a coveted recognition not only in the rooms of the Castello della Rocca tomorrow – which in the past went to names of first magnitude such as Enzo Biagi, Indro Montanelli and Eugenio Scalfari – but a glimmer of attention to the meaning of a profession going through a difficult period, squeezed between the industrial crisis on the one hand and the wave of fake news on the other.

«The spirit of business, its real salt – said yesterday the director of Nuova Antonio di Rosa at the time of the award of Luigi Sorriga and Piera Cerucci, an award named after Giovanni Canu – lies in the daily work of the reporter . Enzo Biaggi, and other big names like him, never stopped trying to understand the world firsthand. Well-known journalist Biagi wanted to visit Turin slum residents. There is no difference between a reporter of a small newspaper with a big signature. It’s always work. Here, we have to rediscover news, the future of newspapers lies in this, because it is an irreplaceable mission, to propose authenticated and controlled news: such as the daily news in newspapers ».

Sky correspondent in the United States, France and the United Kingdom, Giovanna Pancheri, (with Beppe Severgini) receiving the special award: “I am honored to receive this award, because listening to the inspirations I give to these colleagues was appreciating the great work of . . “. A witness to the great events of the decade in world capitals, Pancheri felt close to the collaborators, “local” journalists. The short and big stories they tell, such as Covid, are barely written, the silence of institutions and the spread of rumors and fears by Luigi Soriga della Nuova and Piera Cerucci of the union. The meticulous work of Pino Pinna’s correspondent who was awarded the prize for the game, which went to Roberto Montesi and Maria Pintor.

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With the recognition came the most profound moment – ​​named after our Piero Manironi – on investigative journalism that went to Paolo Mastino and Tiziana Simula. Mastino della Rae was awarded for the documentary on the Moby Prince. A great job of reconstructing the disaster and discovering the truth. “Pierro was a master,” underlined Mastino. If one thinks that the journalist’s profession has flattened in the face of power, then the courage and determination of Tijiana Simula, who did not stop in the face of complaints and discoveries in doing her job, once again believes this cliché . Simula, a correspondent for Olbia in New Sardinia, who received the award for investigative journalism, recalled the humanity and relentless pursuit of truth by Piero Manironi. The editor-in-chief of Nuova, and the widow of the great journalist, Daniela Scano, who passed away, recalled this: «He was shy and reserved in his personal life, as well as patient and passionate in his profession, a were inspired by. Indefatigable curiosity. He would have appreciated the award which is a gift because today, as the occasion would have it, is his birthday.

Columnist for the Corriere della Sera, Beppe Severgini, a columnist for successful headlines and TV programs with a significant columnist activity for the New York Times, said when he received the special award: “I remember Geppy Cucciari chose me” for the Sardo ad honour! ” And I think this is my Pulitzer! ». “We want to start with the binomial” culture and tourism “, this is the way to give new life to the city”, said Valeria Cini, councilor of the municipality of Castelsardo.

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Simone Campus, President of the Genera Association: “This program is part of a project that focuses on young people, giving them the opportunity to be the heroes of a festival dedicated to journalism for children from the next edition.”

The event was organized by Tiziana Ribichescu, director of Giornale Radio2 Rai, who was active in the Castelsardo Journalism Prize from the very beginning: “a collaboration that made us enthusiastic, a program that resumed after many years”. On stage, author and journalist Giampaolo Cassitta, who presented sections of the award with an in-depth reading of the ethical and humanitarian aspects of journalistic work.

The young pianist of Castellana Emilia Migallo performed some musical pieces.

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